"So, without even thinking about it, colour runs through us and we are filled with its innate joy."

(b. 1979 in Paris, lives and works in Paris)


Eugénie Paultre studied then taught philosophy at the Sorbonne, and since 2010 she has devoted herself to painting and writing. She explains: "I studied philosophy for ten years to try to discover the truth of thought, the righteousness of spirit, but also, and more importantly, to try to understand why the Western world had lost its way and to discipline and reassure myself. But to no avail. The emotions were too strong. I could not hold them at bay, I had to work with them. […] And so at the age of 30, I entered into the service of colour."


"Colour has a life of its own. Far from only existing on the surface of the visible world, it would appear to be the place of particular depth - tangible but defying designation by the painter who can only show it - painting by painting - as a succession of openings, apertures, emergences and crossing points." 

Eugénie Paultre has held solo exhibitions at the Institut français in Bratislava and at Gandy Gallery (Bratislava) in 2019, and Erna Hecey Gallery (Luxembourg) in 2020 then 2021. She has recently taken part in the group exhibitions "Colori: L'emozione dei colori nell'arte" (Castello di Rivoli, 2017), "Etel Adnan et les modernes" (Mudam, Luxembourg, 2019) and "Horizons" (Lévy Gorvy, Paris, 2021). She is the author of numerous essays and poetry collections in French, English, and German. Forward. Rencontre avec Hans Ulrich Obrist and Présence des signes. Etel Adnan. Simone Fattal by Manuella Editions (2019). Her latest book, Matter of Life (2021), is the second publication HENI Publishers (London) has dedicated to Paultre, following the release of Outline in 2018. [See detailed bibliography below]


Eugénie Paultre. Outline, London, HENI Publishing, 2018 ; Matter of Life, tr. Jérémy Robert, London, HENI Publishing, 2021.


Published Books: 

In French : L’État actuel des choses, Foreword by Etel Adnan, Paris, Éditions Al Manar, 2012. Hiver, Paris, Éditions Al Manar, 2013. Nous verrons bien, Berlin, Moon Rainbow, 2013. En soi- même, Paris, Éditions Al Manar, 2016. Up. Réflexion sur l’art et la folie, Paris, Éditions Al Manar, 2019. Forward. Rencontre avec Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Paris, Manuella Éditions, 2019. Présence des signes. Etel Adnan. Simone Fattal, Paris, Manuella Éditions, 2019. Des liens plus que terrestres, 2020, Galerie Erna Hecey.  « Nous sommes toujours un libre commencement » in Giorgio Griffa. Merveilles de l’inconnu, Editions Fonds Mercator / LaM, Lille, 2021. Le temps presse (to be published).

In English: Winter, trans. Simone Fattal, Cole Swensen, Etel Adnan, The Post-Apollo Press, 2013.

In German: Winter, trans. Klaudia Ruschkowski, Hambourg, Nautilus, 2018. Ränder. Betrachtungen über Kunst und Wahnsinn, trans. Jorinde Reznikov, Hamburg, Nautilus, 2019.