(b. 1980 in Luxembourg, lives and works in Berlin)


Jeff Weber's photographic practice is experimental in a rigorous sense, revolving around what he refers to as his attempt to develop a personal epistemology. In his work he investigates the connection of the photographic image to the epistemological project of modernity, exploring the contemporary conditions of the image.


In 2014 he establishes the Kunsthalle-Leipzig, a project in the form of a gallery space, which works as an extension of his photographic practice and functions as a conceptual frame to invite others to actively participate. Here, the collaborative dimensions of Weber's practice explore the significance of these encounters with alterity and, in this sense, the essentially social dimension of photography as an epistemological principle. Rather than an isolated object, the photographic image is enmeshed in and emerges as a nodal point within a complex of social relations-interpersonal, artistic, material-and it is this set of relations that are crystallized in the image.