Des liens plus que terrestres | More Than Earthly Ties

Eugénie Paultre
Eugénie Paultre, 2020
Publisher: Erna Hecey Gallery


Exhibition booklet for Des liens plus que terrestres / More Than Earthly Ties. 

Includes two texts by Eugénie Paultre in French and English, namely De la couleur/On Colour and Lignes/Lines .


This booklet was published by Erna Hecey Gallery, Luxembourg, for an exhibition by Eugénie Paultre presented from 29 February until 10 September 2020.


Editor: Erna Hécey

Editorial support: Élia Pijollet

Graphic design: Phil Baber
English translation: Luna Jungblutt

Reproductions: Aurélien Mole
© Eugénie Paultre, 2020, for the texts and images


Thanks to: Etel Adnan, Jean-François Chevrier, Simone Fattal, Nadine Gandy, Audrey Guttman, Victoria Kaario, Dominique Negel, Altinaï Petrovitch Njegosh, Leonie Pfennig, Fawzia.


Printed in February 2020 by Drukkerij Raddraaier SSP, Amsterdam