Roee Rosen, Laughter in the Dark by Ben Eastham | ArtReview

Ben Eastham, ArtReview, March 1, 2020

'"Whatever you think of the Israeli occupation" the stand-up announces, "it is much better than the Nazis." She is Jewish; her audience is Austrian. Having been announced onto the stage as Rosie Rosen, she introduces another Rosen - a "kike" gynaecologist - as the protagonist of one of her jokes. Trapped in the collapsing Twin Towers with a whimpering WASP millionaire and a pregnant Swedish goddess, this Rosen decides to order a plate of his mother's Ostjuden cuisine from a magical, wish-granting goldfish that appears amidst the fire and smoke. Watching from the wings, as this bewilderingly offensive (and very funny) live performance on the opening night of the 2018 edition of Austrian arts festival Steirischer Herbst breaks down, is its writer: a neatly dressed, fiftysomething, male, Israeli artist named Roee Rosen. [...]'


ArtReview article, March 2020, written by Ben Eastham