Lawrence Weiner | HERE & NOW

A woven blanket by Lawrence Weiner poses a question, in the form of a statement, to any and everyone.
It was all sculpture for Lawrence Weiner, who used text-based artworks to speak with the world. An edition of jacquard blankets emerge as the culmination of a collaborative process which predates the artist's death on December 2, 2021. 
Momentarily a hammer, then a hammock and now a blanket, HERE & NOW engages one of Weiner’s typically-amorphous phrases in a game of repetition – blurring its edges and drawing its poetic undercurrents to the fore.
As ever, context is neither required nor provided. 
Weiner’s distinct take on what it means to make art accessible is an enduring point of reference for Avant Arte. In his own words, “you don’t have to wear special shoes to see art.”

Now available via Avant Arte
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December 21, 2022
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