Caecilia Tripp | Black Phoenix Rising

Offscreen event 2022

“In order to rise from its own ashes,
A Phoenix First Must Burn”.
- Octavia Butler


BLACK PHOENIX RISING is an exclusive 3D sculpture, a vulcanized Banana Tree, born out of the fire and ashes of the Nyiragongo Volcano, Congo, out of Liquid Earth. It stands as an eternal frozen Time capsule, unearthed like a Robert Smithson Sculpture and travelling space ways towards infinity, with the vibrational sound waves from Deep Liquid Earth. An expanded Land Art into cosmic space.
Nyiragongo Volcano is also the source of the precious Raw Material Coltan, made into our phones and computers. BLACK PHOENIX atunes and embodies the floating signifier of all our irreversible social, economic and digital entanglements.
The vulcanized Banana Tree was smuggled by the artist's Earth scientist collaborator in his sneakers.
Caecilia refers to Liquid Earth as "an exploration of the invisible and the tangible on moving grounds, leaving behind grounds of certainty and fixed identities." In this way, Liquid Earth is a quintessential expression of Caecilia's interest in understanding how to live with (as opposed to on) the earth and its dynamic systems. In poetic kinship, she links earth processes - plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes - to Glissant's pensée du tremblement (trembling thought) as two expressions of aliveness: two modes of unfixing what we might otherwise perceive as static and stable (i.e. the ground beneath our feet /systems of thought). – Emelie Chhangur, Toronto

BLACK PHOENIX RISING is floating in space with ZOME AR, between LA & Paris.
ZOME is the brainchild of Theodore Wohng. The technology is grounded in the philosophical concepts of Deleuze and Wittgenstein, as well as the Australian Aboriginal culture — their unique ways of perceiving space and time in the landscape — entangled with music, memories and dreams.
Theodore Wohng and Caecilia Tripp's ground breaking collaboration fuses their mutual passion for cosmology and otherworldliness, as a way of imagining new futurities and triggering new forms of freedom.
October 22, 2022
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