Roee Rosen | Kafka for kids and The Dust Channel

11 February - 27 March 2022 | 1646, The Hague

The Dust Channel will be on view in Roee Rosen’s solo exhibition at 1646 Kunstgalerie at The Hague, Netherlands.

The Dust Channel, first produced for Documenta 14, can be described as a cultural exquisite corpse. An operetta with a libretto in Russian about a British home appliance, a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner, set in an Israeli reality of private perversion and socio-political phobias. While each of these layers offers its own particular resonance and substrata, they share in common the emergence of communal and private forms of xenophobia from within the private sphere of leisure and pleasure, abundance and perversions.

Hila Peleg


Kafka for kids and The Dust Channel, exhibition at 1646, 11 February - 27 March 2022. For further informations :


February 12, 2022
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