Eugénie Paultre | Horizons

30 JANUARY - 20 MARCH 2021 | Lévy Gorvy, Paris

Eugénie Paultre is participating in a group exhibition, Horizons, that will open on Saturday 30 January at Lévy Gorvy Gallery, Paris, from 10am to 6pm.


Curated by Etel Adnan in collaboration with Victoire de Pourtalès, this presentation centers on a new poetic and nostalgic text by Adnan, based on her experience of moving between her native Lebanon, California, and France. Adnan considers the importance of those shifts, the physical and aesthetic displacements of her personal horizon, and the questions raised by such mutations.


The show brings together artists whose work resonates with her own: Simone Fattal, Nancy Haynes, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, Paulo Monteiro, Eugénie Paultre, Ugo Rondinone, Christine Safa, and Ettore Spalletti.


Lévy Gorvy, Paris

group exhibition


30 JANUARY - 20 MARCH 2021

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January 23, 2021
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