Lawrence Weiner

After Fine Art, Nach Bildende Kunst
Publisher: Hatje Cantz.

ISBN: 9783775729796

Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.5 in.

Pages: 200

Text by Gabriele Wix.


One of Conceptual art’s most popular and iconic protagonists, Lawrence Weiner (born 1942) has stood as a pioneer for practitioners of language-based art for the last 40 years. His philosophical aphorisms, poetical declarations, idle observations and casual musings, and his appropriation of the art catalogue as artist’s book, have proved enduringly influential strategies. About 300 of Weiner’s works--whose total oeuvre to date comprises more than 1,000 works--have been presented only in German, in the German-speaking world (either translated by Weiner himself or conceived by him in German). Featuring over 800 pieces, this volume is the first catalogue raisonné of those works. As always, Weiner has assumed responsibility for the book’s typography and design. Accompanying text and visual documents shed light on his methods.

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