Robert Beavers | The Sparrow Dream and Other Films

Projection at Redstone Theater - Museum of moving image, NY
Returning to a New York screen with his first film in nearly four years, Robert Beavers will present the North American premiere of his magisterial The Sparrow Dream. This work will be screened in context with his previous five films, which together have come to comprise a cycle, begun with Pitcher of Colored Light (2007), that varies upon the themes of home, family, time, memory, the unconscious, and, as always, the projective cinematography of the filmmaker. Densely woven films, nearly all made in one of Beavers’s twin homes of Massachusetts and Germany, often directly referencing one another, sharing locations and subjects, personal symbols and motifs, these are some of the most delicately refined and intricately composed late works in the avant-garde canon.
March 23, 2023
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