Caecilia Tripp | C(H)ORAL STORIES

19 March - 15 May 2022 | Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL. USA

C(H)ORAL SONATA - Expanded Riffs, in collaboration with composer Kerwin Rolland, presented in C(H)ORAL STORIES AND COLLECTIVE ACTIONS at Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL. USA from March 19th to May 15th 2022.


Corals have fluid identities, they may shift change sexes and they can sing. When they make Love their Coral Spawning is deeply entangled with the Full Moon, exploding like an ocean full of shooting stars.
Corals are rhizomatic Beings, intertwined with One Another, singing as a C(H)ORAL, to consent not to be a single being. (Edouard Glissant & Fred Moten)

Guest starring: Theodore Wohng & ZOME AR

March 15, 2022
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