Caecilia Tripp | Liquid Earth

Inauguration 3 July 2021 | Konschthal Esch

Erna Hecey Gallery is delighted to announce a special project by Caecilia Tripp at Konschthal Esch, Luxembourg, as part of the European Month of Photography 2021. Curated by Christian Mosar, with the complicity of Paul di Felice, the exhibition will be inaugurated July 3rd 2021 from 11am.


LIQUID EARTH (2018) is a film installation by Caecilia Tripp where spinning tectonic plates meet choreographer Georges Maikel Pires Monteiro, while field recordings from the Nyiragongo volcano are echoed in the distance. 


The film is an exploration of the invisible and the tangible on moving grounds, leaving behind grounds of certainty and fixed identities. LIQUID EARTH builds up a “poetics of relation” (Glissant) and migration through seismology and tectonic plates, connecting local grounds with the Nyiragongo volcano situated in Congo as one of the largest active lakes of volcanic lava in the world, which is surveyed closely by the European Center of Geodynamics and Seismology in Luxembourg together with the Royal Museum of Central Africa (Belgium).

The installation premiered at Silencio, Paris and was shown at Tripp's solo show Going Space and Other Worlding, curated by Emelie Chhangur at Art Gallery of York University AGYU, Torontoas part of the first Toronto Biennial, curated by Candice Hopkins and Tairone Bastien. With the kind support of the French Embassy in Toronto, the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg, in collaboration with the European Center of Geodynamics and Seismology and the Royal Museum of Central Africa (Belgium), with special thanks to Nicolas d’Oreye de Lantremange.


Konschthal Esch

Caecilia Tripp


OPENING 3 JULY 2021 from 11AM, with Live Performances at 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm
(anciennement Espace Lavandier)
29-33 boulevard Prince Henri
L-4280 Esch-sur-Alzette

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June 1, 2021
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