Jeff Weber | Camouflage

17 September - 24 October 2020 | lxhxb, Eindhoven

The lxhxb gallery in Eindhoven, Netherlands, will be hosting a solo exhibition by Jeff Weber entitled Camouflage from 17 September to 24 October 2020.


"The idea of documentation is in some way a crucial point of departure for what I am trying to articulate, that is to say the tension between a documentary/objective status of a photographic picture in relation to the object depicted and the subjective take on the world through the eye/mind of the artist. I feel like a lot of my work is anchored in that tension, and this is the concern of An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology. In that body of work, I attempt to define the paradoxical place of the artist. The artist, in his operations, is always located between objective knowledge and personal experience. I approach art as an empirical method that works on images themselves (with the tool of photography), and it is through this labor that ideas crystalise and emerge...the image is the materialisation / concretisation of that process of formation. (...)" -Jeff Weber 


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Jeff Weber




September 9, 2020
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