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Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, with texts by Hans Ulrich Olbrist, Vrääth Öhner, Slavoj Zizek, extracts from Don DeLillo's 'Mao II' and 'White Noise', Hatje CANTZ publishers, Stuttgard; distributed by D.A.P., New York & Image Forum, Japan, 2003, ISBN 3-7757-1267-4 (DVD included)

Factor 1997, published and distributed by FACT, Liverpool, February 2003,
ISBN 0-9541604-0-2

Cream and Sink Emergencies: Zapping Time, 47 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, pp.85-90, May 3 - 8 2001

INFLIGHT Magazine, Hatje Cantz publishers, Stuttgart; Distributed by D.A.P., New York, 2000, ISBN 3-7757-0993-2

…We must be over the rainbow!, Centro Galego Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela, September 1998 (monography)

Nergensland, Dietsche Warande & Belfort, Leuven, co-realisation Herman Asselberghs, October 1997 (Translated in German: Niemandsland, Videokunst und Kino-Grenzgänge, Filmfoyer, Winterthur, September 1998)

Vorsicht! Wer Phantom Spielt wird selbst eins / Prends Garde! A Jouer au fantôme, on le devient, Centre Georges Pompidou, MNAM, Paris/ Documenta X, Kassel, co-realisation Herman Asselberghs, 1997

Beware! In Playing the Phantom, You Become One, Semaine Internationale de Vidéo Saint-Gervais, Co-realisation Herman Asselberghs, Geneva, 1995

It will be all right if you come again, only next time don't bring any gear, except a tea kettle..., Les Expositions du Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, 1994, (monography)

America's Favorite Movie, Interviews on The Sound of Music, Andere Sinema, Antwerp, May - June 1994


Johan Grimonprez, in Interarchive, Walther König, published by Verlag der Buchhandlung, edited by Kunstraum der Universität Lüneburg, pp.260-262, Köln, 2002

Independence Day Realtime, in When words don’t fail, ARTFORUM, p.46, November 2001

A holiday from history and other real stories, a selection of works by Johan Grimonprez, in JANUS 9/01, Slavoj Zizek, pp.48-56, Antwerp, Autumn 2001

INSERT COMMERCIAL HERE, ADBUSTER, Vancouver, September - October 2001

Lanscape in Motion, la generazione delle immagini /5, pp.10-25, Milano, February 2001

Insert SAFETY INSTRUCTION CARD, Frame 05, Vienna, January - February 2001

Cyberjack-O-Rama in Urban Rumors, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mutations, ACTAR, arc en rêve, Centre d’Architecture, Bordeaux, November 2000

Barry White in non-gravity space, SOGNI/DREAMS, Francesco Bonami & Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Fondazione Sandretto Rebaudengo per l'Arte, Castelvecchi Arte, Roma, 1999

Fahrenheit 451-the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns, in Think Art, Theory and Practice in the Art of Today, J-M Schaeffer, pp.77-88, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Summer 1999

Where is your helicopter?, in Felix vol.1, #3, edited by Kathy High, New York, 1993

Sorry, we already have an anthropologist, in Art Papers, issue on Bifocal Borders, January - February, 1992


Looking For Alfred (interview), Camilla Jackson, Detox – By Any New Media, February 2005, pg. 6-8

Email interview by Camilla Jackson (October 2004), Great °57 (The Photographer’s Gallery), December 2004 -January 2005

Beware! In playing the phantom you become one, An interview with Johan Grimonprez, in Saving the Image: Art After Film, pp. 119-128, Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Glasgow, October 2003
(based on Interview with Johan Grimonprez by Pierre Bal-Blanc & Mathieu Marguerin, published in Blocnotes, Paris, 1998)

La réalité comme page de publicité, Florence Montagnon, in Hardcore, vers un nouvel activisme, pp. 112-117, Palais de Tokyo, site de création contemporaine/ editions cercles d’art, Paris, 2003.

Hyper Media, NY, 11 Septembre 2001, in Les Inrockuptibles #305, p.4, Paris, September 2001

Conversation: Johan Grimonprez with Maurice G. Dantec , VOILA – le monde dans la tête-, l’ ARC, Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris, in Les Inrockuptibles, pp.17-18, Paris, June 15-29 2001

Cyberjacking, Josée Hansen, in D’LAND KULTUR, p.31, Luxembourg, December 15 2000

Vom Sehen, Fliegen und Träumen / On Seeing, Flying and Dreaming, dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, von/ by Johan Grimonprez, von/ by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, in Camera Austria #66, Vrääth Öhner, Graz, September 2000
(also published in ARCO NOTICIAS, number 15, pp 49-51, Madrid, September 2000)

Discusses the Meditation of Catastrophe with Johan Grimonprez, Jean Wainwright, in Hotshoe, 2000

Geschiedenis op bestelling, Interview met Johan Grimonprez, Domeniek Ruyters, in METROPOLIS #4, Amsterdam, August - September 1998

Supermarket History, Catherine Bernard, in PARKETT #53, 1998 (website)

Prends garde! A jouer au fantome, on le devient, Pierre Bal-Blanc/ Mathieu Margerin, in BLOCNOTES #15, summer 1998
Translated in Spanish and Gallician, Cuidado! Si Juegas a los Fantasmas, Ilegas a Serlo or Cuidado! Se Xogas A Fantasmas, Acabas Por Selo, Catalogue from CGAC,Santiago de Compostela, 1998

Once the Terrorist had a name, a conversation with Johan Grimonprez, while his movie dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y is shown at the Herzliya Museum of Art, Vered Maimon, in STUDIO , April 1998

Een uur kaping - de aan de grond genagelde vliegtuigen van Johan Grimonprez, Catherine Van Houts, in Het Parool, Belgium, February 19 1998

Johan Grimonprez verbijsterend luchthartige visie op het wereldnieuws, Ineke Schwartz, in De Volkskrant, February 4 1998

Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, Mark Sanders, in DAZED & CONFUSED #37, London, December 1997

Video van Johan Grimonprez over Nieuw Guinea bekroond, Herman Asselberghs, in De Standaard, Brussels, November 13 - 14 1997

Dødens historie, Lars Movin, in Information, November 5 1997

Une vidéothèque de Herman Aselberghs et Johan Grimonprez, Pascale Cassagnau, in OMNIBUS, October 1997

Intervju med Johan Grimonprez, Tiril Schrøder, Børre Sæthre and Tone Hansen, in UKS - Forum for Samtidskunst, N# ¾ 1997

Media houden terrorisme in leven, Lieven Van Den Abeele, in De STANDAARD, Brussels, May 31 - June 1 1997

Vlaamse film voor Kassel moest in Frankrijk worden gemaakt, Lieven Van Den Abeele, in De STANDAARD, Brussels, May 31 - June 1 1997

Artistes vidéo (Nouvelles génération), Entretien Stéphanie Moisdon-Trembley, Jean-Yves Barbichon, in Nov'Art, Paris, February 1997
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