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B. 1946 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she lives and works.

For nearly forty years Ana Jotta has explored every artistic field: painting, sculpture, installation, sound, photography, as well as techniques that are associated with the so-called minor arts (sewing, embroidery, pottery). Her artistic work is extremely varied and free of any neatly identifiable style, rejecting the concept of signature or authorship. Ana Jotta is a genuine artist-collector who constantly appropriates the objects, iconography, phrases and titles of others. Ana Jotta once wrote: “An amateur should say: I have no literary interest, but I am made of literature, I am nothing else and can be nothing else” (Ana Jotta).

Ana Jotta
Untitled, n.d.
Ballpoint pen drawing and automatic master-measure on paper
35,5 x 56,3 cm

After studying at Lisbon’s Fine Art School and Brussels academies in Lisbon and in Brussels at the École d'Arts Visuels et d'Architecture de l'Abbaye de la Cambre (1965-1973), Ana Jotta worked as an actress and stage designer with the “Produções Teatrais” group at the University Theatre in Lisbon. From the 1980s onwards, with a brief collaboration as stage and costume designer for the two films “Conversa Acabada” by João Botelho and “Silvestre” by João César Monteiro (which was shown at the 38th Venice Film Festival in 1981), she focussed her activity on the visual arts: in 2005 she had a retrospective exhibition “Rua Ana Jotta” at the Museu Serralves, Porto, and in 2014 the anthological exhibition “A Conclusão da Precedente” at Culturgest, Lisbon. In 2018, the Temporary Gallery in Cologne showed Jotta’s first institutional solo show in Germany.

Ana Jotta was awarded the Rosa-Schapire-Art Prize of the Hamburger Kunsthalle for her tenacity and independence in 2017, the Prémio AICA 2014 and the Grande Prémio Fundação EDP Arte 2013.

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